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-experience a village staying at home
What to expect, what not

  • The resort is located at a village. It's apprx 290 km from Dhaka City.
  • It's a usual village among all villages in Bangladesh. The standard outfit and dress codes you maintain in Bangladesh or in any village you should follow the same.
  • Same goes for code of conduct when you meet villagers.
  • This place is run by Palli Bidyut meaning there is high chances of loadshedding. We have generator back up however you should understand it's inside a village and there might be sometimes back up may not work always.
  • The main meals are cooked with traditional 'matir chula' as such you need to allow a little more time while cooking. However if you follow specific meal time (breakfast / lunch / dinner) no need to bother about cooking time. On day one, you will be informed about meal & sight seeing (if any) schedule. Please try to follow schedule diligently. We also have gas cylinder for emergency cooking and for snacks etc.
  • Being within village and promoting a village for the guests, we have kept few things basic. To keep the property wide and open and to observe paddy fields and mustered fields we have avoided brick or high boundaries. However no worries about security. It's our responsibility.
  • You may hear dog barking at dead of night or a fox shouting. Don't worry. It's a village you are staying at.
  • If you see villagers are staring at you while you are roaming around by rickshaw or walking, just ignore. They don't have any ill intention. This is just a reflection of simplicity in their life style and experiences.
  • All rooms are not air conditioned. Please be informed whether your booking is at AC rooms. However even if it's scorching heat of summer elsewhere, you will find cool breeze inside your room due to abundance of trees around. We have large windows in each room. Enjoy the cool breeze be it summer or spring.
  • You should take note on our service. We appreciate if you just inform us at +8801711-029009 (via text /call / Viber / whatsapp) anything you need us to improve. We are available at our facebook page 24/07 to respond private messages. Find us at
  • This property belongs to our ancestors. And in village, you will observe houses are mostly at cluster meaning they are either blood connected or shares very close ties among themselves. Be respectful always to the villagers. Don't involve yourself in any fight or anti social activities during the stay. We are there for the safety & security. But you need to be aligned with same thinking process too.
  • We do not entertain alcohol or drugs at all. Please refrain from bringing or consuming any such thing during your stay. We simply want our ancestors' property free of such pollution.
  • We do not allow walk in guests. Resort staffs do not have authority to allow any walk in guest in resort.
  • You should call our hunting number or mail us for booking availability. If rooms are available confirm your booking through prepayment.
  • We accept payment through cash at Dhaka office, credit card payment (EMI available for Amex) and direct deposit at our bank account. Moreover you can pay us online from our home without visiting our office.
  • No credit card POS is available at resort. You can pay cash or transfer online though our website if you are inside village and make any payment.